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Tejindra Electric Works (Regd.)

Micro Wire Butt Welder (R)

Micro Wire Butt Welder (R) is used for butt joining of wires/rods of mild steel, carbon steel, steel alloy copper, aluminum and brass etc. The clamping of the machines brings the end of the rods or wires together under pressure for welding. The end parts are welded by applying short circuit current to the joints. The jaws of the machines are arranged in such a way that it facilitates welding of wires over a wide range of diameters of specially shaped cross sections. The same Jaws can be used for annealing with extended jaws.

The mechanical timer provided with the system is automatically tripped, after the job is done. Welded joint can withstand high tensile and can be easily drawn up to minimum size.

The transformer of the welding system conforms to national and international standard specifications. Primary and Secondary wounding of th e coil are of solid electrolytic copper of ample section, suitable for withstanding continuously temperature of 155oC. The transformer is fitted in a light welded framework.

A regulator is provided on the primary side with 8 different stages to control the current based on the demand of the application.

Additional Facilities for annealing at extra cost

  • Extended annealing jaws from 4" to 10".
  • Separate heat regulator for annealing with foot switch.
  • Annealing time will be control automatically by providing an electronic timer.
  • Lighting lamp with flexible stand.