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Tejindra Electric Works (Regd.)

Wire Butt Welders

We hold the topnotch in the tally of Manufacturers, Exporter and Suppliers of Wire Butt Welders, based in India. The Wire Butt Welders offered are designed and built with precision to deliver outstanding dependability and exceptional accuracy in Butt joining of wires/rods. We offer varieties of Wire Butt Welders, which are Micro Wire Butt Welder (M), Micro Wire Butt Welder (MH) as well as Micro Wire Butt Welder (R). We offer these Wire Butt Welders at very reasonable rates.

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Micro Wire Butt Welder (M)

Micro Wire Butt Welder (M) is suitable for butt welding of ferrous and non ferrous wires from 0.3 mm to 2.5 mm. Easy to operate; the table top model of Micro Wire Butt Welder (M) can withstand subsequent drawing of the wires. Micro Wire Butt Welder (M) automatic welding machine has a set value of 10 for welding current and the


Micro Wire Butt Welder (MH)

Micro Wire Butt Welder (MH) is also capable of Butt welding of ferrous as well as non ferrous wires. These welders can effectively handle subsequent drawing of wires from 1.2 mm to 8 mm. The easy to operate machine is designed to provide effective automatic upset Butt Welding operations. Further, the welding current and initial


Micro Wire Butt Welder (R)

Micro Wire Butt Welder (R) is used for butt joining of wires/rods of mild steel, carbon steel, steel alloy copper, aluminum and brass etc. The clamping of the machines brings the end of the rods or wires together under pressure for welding. The end parts are welded by applying short circuit current to the joints. The jaws of